News: DC.COM: 5 Stats From 2012 To Be Encouraged & Discouraged About

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – For the last two years, this team has been nothing but mediocre. And their 8-8 record the last two years is the only proof needed to argue that point.

    With an 8-8 season, you get a little bit of good and the same amount of bad. Of course, with lofty expectations around here each year, anything short of the playoffs is considered a lost season, and rightfully so.

    Over the next two days, let’s take a look at five statistical figures that are both encouraging and discouraging for this team. Here are five stats or figures the Cowboys should be encouraged about moving forward in 2013:

    Dez Bryant[​IMG] turned into the beast receiver the Cowboys envisioned when they drafted him in 2010. His stats alone suggest that, especially considering how he played down the stretch. For the first time since maybe the Michael Irvin days, we saw a wide receiver simply take over games, which is always tough to do from that position, considering you need help to get the ball. He made the most of every opportunity down the stretch and had a season that probably would’ve landed him in the Pro Bowl had it not been for a finger injury that required post-season surgery. Still, those yards are proof that he’s on his way to becoming the star the Cowboys hoped they’d be getting all along.

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