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    A True Survivor
    With a kill or be killed attitude on the field, and a fun-loving persona away from it, Frank Walker has established a nine-year career in the NFL.
    Dave Ivey

    Contestants on the long-running reality series Survivor have nothing on cornerback Frank Walker.

    Despite being a sixth-round draft choice from a Division II program, he just finished his ninth season in the NFL. He has stuck around so long, in fact, that Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was his teammate when Walker was a Giants rookie in 2003. He came back from a broken foot in 2004 and knee surgery in 2007. He has played for both Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan and has suited up for six organizations in the past six years, repeatedly resurfacing and clawing his way back onto another depth chart.

    "I am what I am and I'm a survivor," Walker says. "Most survivors I know have one motto: kill or be killed. It's me or you every time, and I'm picking you, not me. I never lay down. You won't ever see me out there laying down. I'm going to fight to the last drop."

    Like the winners of the TV game show, Walker has managed to "outwit, outplay and outlast" his competition. And he has done all of it OUT LOUD...
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    Look Frank, killing the receiver before the ball gets there isn't the way you play cornerback in the NFL!

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