News: DC.COM: After X-Rays; Nagy Appears To Have High-Ankle Sprain

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    By Jonathan Auping

    After leaving the field on Monday after injuring his left ankle, and then leaving for X-rays, Billy Nagy has been diagnosed with a high-ankle sprain. He will have an MRI Tuesday for further evaluation.

    High-ankle sprains can vary in terms of a return schedule, but typically in the 2-4 week range, sometimes longer.

    The sprain is perhaps even more concerning because it is on the same ankle (left) that Nagy broke last season landing him on injured reserve. Before the injury last season Nagy showed promise as rookie and started four games at left guard.

    The Cowboys are also getting concerned about Kowalski’s ankle injury. More than a high-ankle sprain, Kowalski has some bruising in his ankle, which is delaying his return.

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    aaaaahhhh great.
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    I think the chances of Nagy, even if healthy, unseating Costa were slim.
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    Me too. Although it would be nice to know for sure via camp. Damn.
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    Leary almost has to step up at RG now. I can't believe the season can be lost in the hands of a UDFA and David Arkin.

    Costa is going to be better than last season but still not good enough.

    In terms of ability, it's Clay Shiver between overweight Nate Newton and JAG Everett McIver all over again.

    When will Jerry Jones learn?

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