News: DC.COM: Austin City Limits: Numbers Dipping For Top WR

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    IRVING, Texas - Miles Austin will not conform to the outspoken wide receiver stereotype.

    For the record, he doesn't mind the fact his numbers have slipped precipitously during a recent stretch of games. It's hard for the No. 1 wideout to complain when, despite his lack of production, the Cowboys are playing much better. Austin hasn't come close to a 100-yard outing since Halloween, but the team has played .500 ball since then, a great improvement over their 1-6 start leading into November.

    He has been incredibly quiet, with just 15 catches and 185 yards over the last six games, but it isn't bothering Austin, or at least he isn't letting on. When the team does lose, however, and one of his reoccurring mistakes costs them, as was the case in Sunday's defeat against Philadelphia, that does get noticed.

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    Gotta love Austin's attitude! I really like his last quote, "I'm happy when the team's moving the ball, not necessarily that I'M moving the ball." Wish more receivers would take that approach. Much less drama.

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