News: DC.COM: Back On The Horse: Cowboys Putting Talk, 0-2 Start Behind Them

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    IRVING, Texas - Talk is cheap. But it may be subject to the same rules of supply and demand as everything else.
    After the frustration of a 0-2 start left some Cowboys voicing complaints and airing them in a players-only meeting on Monday, the team is now closing ranks. Just as coach Wade Phillips didn't want to talk about his message to the team since Sunday's 27-20 loss to Chicago, no players would share what was discussed in their meeting.

    "After that game, I was probably in a place where I didn't want to hear much," Spears said. "Talking has its advantages and disadvantages. If you're only talking and not doing anything with the action, it's irrelevant. I have a lot of family meetings at my house. That usually works. But if the talk doesn't work, you whip your kids. That's what I do."

    Instead of talking about their problems and what's gone wrong in two upset losses, players on Wednesday were stressing only the importance of climbing out of the hole, and how crucial it is to beat the 2-0 Texans.

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