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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 3, 2006.

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    They told us that All Johnson was up around 310 pounds, big enough that he wasn't going to get pushed around like he did more and more as the season wore down a year ago. And now they tell us that, evidently, 310 just ain't enough.

    Maybe there's still no strength in that knee he tore up his rookie year, but for whatever reason, Al Johnson can't get right.

    Uh, Hello Mrs. Gurode, can Andre come out and play?
    The Cowboys are going to need Andre Gurode at some point this season, whether he keeps this center job, or he has to play in spot duty at either guard position. He'll see the field at some point, and he had better be good.

    And if he does turn out to be any good, it'll be about time. See, Gurode, who's been working with the first team offense for a struggling Johnson appeared to have so much promise his rookie year when he played center for the Cowboys. But then again so did Antonio Bryant and Derek Ross. And ever since that 2002 season, the Cowboys haven't really gotten much from the Colorado product. So I'm ready to see something out of 'Dre, whether at center or guard, but one thing's for certain: as the primary backup for three positions on the O-line (LG, C, RG) - he'll have his chance to play. And that's whether he's a starter at center or there's a injury at guard.

    So please, Mrs. Gurode, let Andre play. Well.


    Josh Ellis...

    Published Tuesday, August 01, 2006 10:39 PM by jellis
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    We do need Gurode to finally step up and earn his $$$$$$
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    Odd - widely reported Parcells totally ripped Gurode for an extentended period in his biggest anger ouburst in camp. Until Gurode can mentally handle the position he will never be a NFL starter.

    Nice battle to watch this camp and just like last camp - Al Johnson will see 80% of the starting snaps come regular season.

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