News: DC.COM Blog: Phillips’ Legacy Changed In A Blur

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    Just like that, Wade Phillips is gone. While you might disagree with that assessment, thinking that he was kept around for too long, it certainly seems like it all happened so fast here Monday.

    At 33-15 through three years, which included two NFC East titles and an elusive playoff win that his three predecessors couldn’t accomplish, Phillips entered his fourth year with a .687 winning percentage, better than Barry Switzer (.625) and Tom Landry (.607). And if you’re wondering, Jimmy Johnson ranks fifth with a .550 percentage. A 1-15 season usually hurts a percentage.

    And who knows, maybe Phillips was headed for something like that, too.

    But it seems like Phillips will probably be categorized closer to the Chan Gailey era when we reflect back on his coaching stint here. Gailey went to the playoffs in both years, but his 18-14 record wasn’t good enough to keep around.

    Fair or not, that’s the way it is. Or actually, it’s the way it was – just like that.

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