News: DC.COM: Broaddus: Game Film Shows Improvement In McCray, Crawford

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout

    Some thoughts from the film room at Valley Ranch, particularly from the defensive side of the ball.
    • There are days where teams just come up with great game plans how to handle DeMarcus Ware[​IMG]. Give the Bears a lot of credit because on the Monday night, Lovie Smith and his offensive staff were not going to allow Ware to hurt them in this game. Ware did have three tackles and one sack but for the Bears that was a win, they knew that tackle J’Marcus Webb would have little chance or no chance one on one with Ware the entire night so they put tight ends to his side, they chipped backs out of the backfield on him, and they worked the guards his direction any chance they could.
    • Rob Ryan did the best he could moving Ware around but you could see that protection was geared to manage him. Victor Butler[​IMG] was able to get some rushes and even had a chance for a sack one on one on a third down play but he was unable to get Cutler to the ground which kept a drive going which resulted in a field goal for the Bears. I went into this game believing that Ware could have one of those monster nights but there was no chance of that in the way the Bears played him. It was fresh in their minds what happened to them the last time they played on Monday night this season against the Packers Clay Matthews and they did everything in their power not to allow it to happen again.
    • Wasn’t surprised how well Danny McCray[​IMG] played in his first opportunity to start at safety for Barry Church[​IMG]. The one thing I will say about McCray’s game is that he is steady. There is not a lot of flash or flair but what you have is a football player that knows his assignments and plays his techniques. I was really impressed with how he manages to work himself around the field. I didn’t feel like there were many plays where McCray wasn’t where he needed to be. Had the one chance where he was in great shape on the tight end Kellen Davis for an interception and just needed to come up with the ball when it hit his hands. There are things about him in coverage that you are probably not going to like but if Rob Ryan can keep matching him up on tight ends, he will continue to have opportunities to make plays.
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    McCray is a really good wrap up tackler, that is for sure.
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    It didn't go down as a sack, but the play when Ware got to Cutler and Cutler dove for a 2-yard gain on third-and-9 had the same effect as a sack.
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    When you only have to account for one guy it makes an OC job so much easier. BTW dont think other OCs around the league arent going to copy this. There is no doubt in my mind that in April a pass rusher gets draft first round despite other holes big enough to sink the Titanic (unless Romo leaves for what ever reason).
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    I was told by many that McCray sucked and Silva should have been playing instead of him though
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    Yea i saw alot of that too, even comparing McCray to Ball. That's baloney. It was his first start and he was all over the field. Not a bad effort at all for a guy who's just starting to get regular playing time in the base D.
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    McCray proved me wrong. He is a sure tackler though.

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