News: DC.COM: Broaddus: Notebook: WR Play Not Unnoticed; Holmes, Harris Shine

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    Here are a few more thoughts from the Raiders game after watching some of the game film.

    Head coach Jason Garrett always talks about the lights get a little brighter in these games. For these receivers, it was an opportunity to try and separate themselves or fall back into the pack. Cole Beasley[​IMG] received some early work with the first team in the nickel package. He was able to get down the field out of the slot against Michael Huff, but Romo couldn’t get the ball on him.

    Where Beasley had his best shot for a play was on the fourth-and-2 when he was on the backside, inside of Tim Benford[​IMG], in a tight formation. At the snap, Beasley explodes off the line, and with Benford running inside, Beasley is in great position to make the play. But quarterback Stephen McGee[​IMG] has already made up his mind that he is going to go to tight end James Hanna[​IMG] on his left and the ball gets knocked away. If McGee throws it to Beasley, it’s one-on-one and a shot at a huge play in the open field. Instead, it was a missed opportunity.

    I thought that Andre Holmes[​IMG] and Dwayne Harris[​IMG] did a nice job in the chances that they received. Holmes was able to handle some contested balls using his size, while Harris played with some quickness and toughness. On third-and-15, Harris runs a seven-yard curl which McGee throws on the money. He makes the catch and heads up the field, avoiding the corner and safety in driving for the sticks to try and get the first down.

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