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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout

    Defensive football is never easy, and against an offense with playmakers like the Falcons have, it’s especially difficult. Did I expect Rob Ryan and his defense to completely hold Atlanta in check? No, I didn’t. But with that said, when it was time to make a stop and get off the field in the final 5:21 of the game, I did expect better results and I am sure Ryan did so as well.

    On that final Atlanta possession, the Falcons go with a bunch formation to the right with receiver Julio Jones to the wide side left, one-on-one with cornerback Morris Claiborne[​IMG]. At the snap, Claiborne begins to carry Jones up the field from a press technique. What you have to know about Jones is that he is not a great route-runner and he likes to grab and push to try and buy himself space. In this case, Jones uses his right hand to push off Claiborne, knocking him to the ground as the ball sails out of bounds. The official calls offensive pass interference, which was a huge break for the defense.

    The penalty now makes it first-and-20, so the Cowboys go into their nickel package, with six in the box. Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan makes a check and hands the ball to running back Michael Turner, who starts inside, on the front side (the right side of the Cowboys defense) with Anthony Spencer[​IMG], Ernie Sims[​IMG] and Kenyon Coleman[​IMG] all blocked. On the backside, defensive end Jason Hatcher[​IMG] gets cut off and guard Justin Blalock gets on linebacker Bruce Carter[​IMG], knocking him inside, although he is able to adjust back to his right to disengage off the block. Turner now has the ball on the second level with safety Danny McCray[​IMG] trying to fill from the inside, but his angle is poor and off balance. Turner runs through his arm tackle before Carter can make the tackle 10 yards down the field.

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    That OPI non-call really was a big boost on that drive. Still, we had multiple chances to stop them. Disappointing that we couldn't get it done. I'd have loved to see Tony with the ball back and two minutes to play in the hurry up at that point.
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    That's an interception if Claiborne's left arm isn;t pinned to his side. As it was he almost made the pick one handed. if he gets the INT there and the Cowboys go on to score, it's the Atlanta coaches that are the dummies for being too aggressive... alas, it just never seems to work out that for our guys does it?
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    I'd like to watch the 4th Qtr again, but that is when the Falcons really were able to run the ball effectivly.

    In my mind I see them motioning to a set that forced Carter to walk out of the MLB position to his left, leaving only Sims in the middle, and they were then able to get a lineman to him in the 2nd level leaving running lanes to exploit.

    like to see the tape again, but if so, could see Philly bring same package.

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