News: DC.COM: Broaddus: Weighing the Risks of Players with Off-Field Issues

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    Bryan Broaddus
    Football Analyst/Scout

    The Cowboys knew that drafting Dez Bryant came with risk, but he’s not the first player who presented off-the-field concerns. Former scout Bryan Broaddus says no individual team or player is the same.


    IRVING, Texas - I was not in the war room in 2010 when Cowboys head scout Tom Ciskowski pulled the tag of Dez Bryant[​IMG] out of the stack of wide receivers to grade for the upcoming draft.

    I knew little of Bryant’s off-the-field story at Oklahoma State, but I did know that during his career he was an All-American and an All-Big 12 player. I had seen him on film plenty of times as this dynamic player who was magical with the ball in his hands. Bryant had rare talent and skill, and the tape proved it. But there were questions about Bryant that teams had to sort through.

    Some teams choose to do that, and others don’t. In my time in the scouting department at Valley Ranch, Jerry Jones was willing to work through the questions. Ron Wolf, my boss in Green Bay, was the same, but he came from a program in Oakland with Al Davis that made a living working with talented players on the field who made questionable choices off it. Bill Parcells had the utmost respect for Davis and followed many of his scouting practices, but in Dallas he wanted nothing to do with the questionable players, which was surprising because of his history with guys like Lawrence Taylor and Leonard Marshall.

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    I think most of the ones wanting to cut Dez or whatever are too young to remember Irvins off field issues..we lived through that and we'll live through this.
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    Irvin had his off field issues after 3 Super Bowl titles.

    And we lived through Irvin's by rapidly declining into one of the worst teams in the league.
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    Michael Irvin didn't cause any trouble until the later years...
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    Ah ok, I got ya...when Irvin was several years older than Dez and more mature (supposedly) is when his troubles started....dang it Dez, stop restraning your crackhead mom and start scissor stabbing team mates and have cocaine parties with hookers instead, posters can justify that.:rolleyes:

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