News: DC.COM: Bye Bye Bye: Players Somehow Left Desperation Mode Behind

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    IRVING, Texas - It was a long two weeks. Guys got away to New York City, or they went back to their college towns, or spent time with their families or saw their folks.

    Good for them, bad for the team.

    Instead of rejuvenating a bunch of players that had been through a lot the first three weeks of the season, the Week 4 bye only served to allow a sense of complacency to set in once again, the result being a surprising 34-27 loss to the Tennessee Titans, a team that had been beat up the Sunday before, and had half the number of practices to get ready.

    That players-only meeting held after the loss to Chicago now seems like ages ago, and apparently it's been long enough that some of the things discussed have been allowed to slip.

    Take the lunchtime games of spades and dominos enjoyed by some of the veterans in the locker room. These games have been going on here forever, yet things were so grave after the 0-2 start that they disappeared as the team prepared for Houston. Certainly the Cowboys didn't beat the Texans because Jon Kitna and Marion Barber were less worried about how many books they could make, but the fact those games were called off for a week says something.

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