News: DC.COM: Choice Words: Choice Has Regrets For Vick Autograph

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer
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    IRVING, Texas - There was quite a crowd around Tashard Choice's locker on Wednesday at Valley Ranch.

    And why wouldn't there be? With the Cowboys playing the Redskins this week, it's only natural to talk about the previous meeting with Washington, when the Cowboys lost the season opener in part because of an uncharacteristic fumble just before halftime by Choice.

    Then you've got Marion Barber returning to practice this week after missing the last two games. His return will likely change the division of carries for the running game and probably cut down the attempts for Choice.

    But those two topics didn't dominate the conversation. Of course, Choice was asked more about getting Michael Vick's autograph immediately following Sunday's game with the Eagles, something that was caught on camera and has been plastered all over the national media this week. So much so, it prompted Choice to send out an apology on twitter, something the running back said was done mainly for his teammates and coaches.

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    I would tell him to screw everyone that had a problem with it.
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    Another writer seems to think he is telling everyone who had a problem to get screwed.

    Some excerpts that I love.

    "There's no fan, there's no coach, there's no person in media who cares more about a game, winning or losing, that I'm playing in. I play -- you see what I'm saying? -- and I give everything I've got for 60 minutes. That's it. If you've got something to say, cool. Be in the NFL. Play. That's cool. You've got your opinion, and I've got mine."

    "The reason for the apology was really not for getting the actual autograph," Choice said. "It was just for the simple fact that I didn't want anybody -- my teammates especially -- to feel disrespected. They didn't. They understood. That was my main thing. You feel me?

    Several of Choice's teammates have also defended him. Veteran quarterback Jon Kitna shared with Choice that he asked legendary quarterback John Elway to autograph a ball after a Seahawks-Broncos game early in Kitna's career.

    "It didn't have anything to do with football," said Kitna, who still has the Elway-signed ball. "It doesn't matter if he did it on the field or not. Who cares? He wanted to get an autograph for his [nephew]. Boom, he got an autograph and move on.

    "A lot of people have their opinion outside this locker room. Nobody [on the team] questions his intensity and the way he plays and commitment to this football team and acceptance of his role. Those are the things that we care about. If he wants to get an autograph, so be it."

    Choice said he regretted that there was negative attention brought to the Cowboys because of his autograph request. However, he said he wasn't surprised that the story set off a media firestorm.

    "They try to find something," Choice said.
    "People got to make their lives somehow. I don't get mad at you for doing that. The only thing it did was mess up my doggone surprise for my little nephew for Christmas."
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    I have to watch myself. It's easy to resent TC sometimes when you see his getting so much fan love being the cause of disrespect to other hard-working players. Or people making wild claims about his abilities. And it's easy to see him on the sidelines sometimes and think that he's not happy with his role and could be a potential malcontent.

    But then you hear him talk, and he's just an awesome dude. If the guy's genuine, and I really think he is, how can you not love him on your team?

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