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    Kurt Daniels

    Stop the run. The key to beating the Titans was repeated all week leading up to the game. Stop the run.

    Unfortunately, the Cowboys couldn't stop themselves.

    All-world Tennessee tailback Chris Johnson did get his, finishing the game with two touchdowns and 131 yards on 19 carries, a 6.9 yard-per-carry average. But what really hurt the Cowboys in this game were turnovers, sacks and inopportune penalties repeatedly stalling drives in a 34-27 loss in front of 90,161 fans.

    In other words, the trends of the first two defeats are back once again.

    In the stat columns, Dallas clearly dominated. They racked up 511 total yards of offense with 25 first downs and a time of possession of 36:44. That's compared to Tennessee, who had only 321 total yards with 17 first downs and a time of possession of 23:16.

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