News: DC.COM: Cowboys’ Director of Rehab Wins Asst. Trainer Of Year Award

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    INDIANAPOLIS – The combine is a time and place where many different groups convene for annual visits. The NFL trainers are no exception and a key member of the Cowboys’ training staff took home some hardware this weekend.


    Britt Brown, an associate trainer and director of rehabilitation, was named NFC assistant trainer of the year, an award that was started a few years ago by Cowboys head athletic trainer Jim Maurer, who remains on the committee.

    While this past season was arguably one of Brown’s busiest of his career as the Cowboys lost so many players to injuries throughout the year, this award was more reflective of Brown’s overall body of work – on and off the field and inside and outside of the training room.

    Brown currently serves as the program coordinator for the NFL/Professional Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) Ethnic Minority Scholarship.

    “It’s really a good deal,” said Brown, who has 21 years of NFL experience, including the last 17 with the Cowboys. “They look at what you do for our organization. I’ve been in charge of the Ethnic Minority Scholarship for student trainers since 1995. We give $32,000 in scholarships to 32 individual student trainers. It’s a good program. There are probably 15 trainers in the league right now that have come through that program.”

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