News: Cowboys Arrive In Sunny California; Practice Starts Monday

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    Cowboys Arrive In Sunny California; Practice Starts Monday

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    Nick Eatman

    OXNARD, Calif. – The ‘Boys are back in town.

    What started out as an isolated two-week stay some 11 years ago has now turned into a home-away-from-home spot for the Cowboys, who on Saturday arrived to this Southern California agricultural community for the seventh time since 2001.

    The expectations are high once again, despite the Cowboys’ 8-8 record last year and missing the playoffs for the second straight season.

    “I think there’s definitely urgency,” tight end Jason Witten said after walking off the plane. “I don’t know when the window is open and closed, but there’s unbelievable urgency. We feel like we’re a good team, but we’ve got to execute better. We’ve got to play better in key situations. Just go back to that last game, I think that’s clear. Everybody has an understanding of that. But for us, it can’t be the same old story. Our actions have got to speak louder than our words. That’s the approach we’re taking. Thirty-one teams have the same goal. We’ve got to do something about it. There’s a good buzz right now. Jason (Garrett) has done a great job of getting the tam ready for this. I think we’re all excited about what we can do this year.”

    The optimism is as bright as the California sun that will be beaming down on these players for 25 days of practice. In the meantime, the Cowboys will practice once a day at the River Ridge sports complex in Oxnard, with two preseason games – at Oakland and San Diego – sprinkled in....

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