News: Cowboys Finding Jenkins More Accepting Of Role

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    Cowboys Finding Jenkins More Accepting Of Role

    Posted 6 hours ago

    Josh Ellis

    OXNARD, Calif. – The most long-running drama in what was a fairly dry offseason for the Cowboys appears to winding down.

    After asking to be traded earlier in the summer, cornerback Mike Jenkins has now given the team’s top decision-makers reason to believe he is willing to dutifully fill whatever role he is given in the new-look secondary.

    Both Jerry and Stephen Jones said that recent conversations with the former first-round pick have given them reason to believe Jenkins is buying in. The team owner and general manager suggested that Jenkins could still do himself some favors as he heads to the open market after this year by playing well in a rotation with Brandon Carr, Morris Claiborne and Orlando Scandrick.

    “Sometimes your feelings can get hurt when a team goes and signs somebody, they draft somebody at your position,” Garrett said. “Once those emotions settle a little bit, you come back in and you say, ‘OK, this is my situation. What’s the best thing for me to do?’ And I think, typically, if you have a guy who is a competitor, he’s going to come back in and compete.”

    If Jenkins is committed to giving the Cowboys his all in the final year of his contract, the only issue remaining would be the health of his shoulder, which was repaired in a surgical procedure early in the offseason. After staying away from the team and its medical personnel for voluntary portions of the offseason, he resumed treatment from team athletic trainers last week...
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    Aka...he knows he needs to make nice to get that pay day.
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    Nothing in Ellis' article made that title appropriate.
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    The team is integrating him back into the fabric of activity. He is scheduled for some rather important duty.

    The theory behind activity now, is that the team has won before, with a great up front rotation. Now, in a passing league, a good rotation on the backend could have a similar effect with the offense able to now match the pass coverage at the end of games, with an ability to run the ball as well.

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