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    Posted by rphillips at 2/23/2012 10:30 AM CST on dallascowboys.com

    IRVING, Texas -- With the NFL Combine almost underway, and because we've gotten several questions on this topic, here's a list of the Cowboys' seven 2012 draft picks:
    1st Round: 14th overall
    2nd Round: 45th overall (13th in the round)
    3rd Round: 83rd overall (19th in the round)
    4th Round: 114th overall, (18th in the round)
    5th Round: 145th overall (17th in the round)
    6th Round: 176th overall (16th in the round)
    7th Round: 207th overall (15th in the round)

    The Cowboys' position in each round varies because they're rotating among the six 8-8 teams. Beyond the first round (No. 14), the overall draft pick numbers will change when compensatory picks are added at the end of various rounds. No compensatory selections have been announced, but the Cowboys might get one for losing defensive end Stephen Bowen in free agency last year.

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