News: Cowboys vs. Giants: Division Lead at Stake In Primetime Sunday

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    Cowboys vs. Giants
    Division Lead At Stake In Primetime Sunday Report

    ...Cowboys Win If:

    Nick: Pretty simple "IF" on this one. If the Cowboys can run the ball, they'll win. The Giants really don't have a great defense, but they can get after the quarterback. One way to offset that is to hand the ball off. If Murray and Jones can get even a decent running attack going against the Giants, it will force the safeties up in the box and that's really all that Miles Austin and Dez Bryant need.

    Rob: The offense has pretty much proven it can move the ball week in, week out. Blame clock management or the defense for the Arizona loss if you want, but to me, the biggest problem was getting only 13 points despite reaching Cardinals territory eight times out of 11 possessions. Can't waste chances. These Giants can score.

    Josh: New York is pretty good about getting after quarterbacks with only four guys rushing, and I think the key for the Cowboys this week will be whether or not they can protect Tony Romo. They couldn't against Arizona, and Romo was forced to make some miracle plays with his feet against Washington and Miami. If he can make guys miss and create plays downfield, they'll be in good shape, or even better, if the tackles win their battles with New York's great edge rushers....

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