News: DC.COM: Decision On Free Not Yet Settled, Could Happen Before Draft

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    PHOENIX – No final decision’s been made yet on the future of Doug Free.

    Owner/general manager Jerry Jones said the NFL Draft won’t necessarily determine what the team decides to do with the tackle. In fact, the Cowboys could make a decision on Free in the coming weeks.

    “I think there’s more to it, without trying to talk in riddles,” Jones said. “There’s more to it. That implies a decision after the draft on Free, and we may be doing things there with our offensive line before the draft, relative to Free.”

    Free led the Cowboys with 15 penalties in 2012, two of which were declined. The switch from left tackle to right tackle didn’t go as swimmingly as the Cowboys would have hoped, and a rotation between Free and Jermey Parnell developed before the end of the season.

    He said Free might actually be a better fit as a left tackle than a right tackle, but he thought Free played better when the rotation began.

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    Please tell me Jerry is joking and this is the equivalent of a football misdirection play.

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    “It’s not impossible, but I could see us staying at his number and sitting there with him and Parnell penciled in and him be the swing or Parnell be the swing with (Tyron) Smith at left tackle and then going on out from there with the rest of the offensive line,” Jones said.

    :bang2: why would you even entertain the thought of not making this waste of space take a paycut or else get cut

    just shut up already Jerry
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    what's most interesting about this is that if Free stays, it sounds like Smith could be moved back to right tackle...:eek:

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