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    IRVING, Texas - Upon notching the highest passer rating ever against the Dallas Cowboys (157.8), Jacksonville's David Garrard - owner of a career 85.9 rating in nine seasons - fired one more spiral toward his defeated opponents this past Sunday:

    "I felt like we were really comfortable," Garrard said after his Jaguars dropped Dallas to 1-6. "I think we were seeing everything as it was happening. ... They were just standing there and played what they play."

    In the NFL, the spoils of victory often include verbal postgame cuts, and Garrard apparently earned his with five touchdowns (four passing, one rushing) and zero interceptions.

    The Cowboys know when they "play what they play" well under head coach Wade Phillips, opponents often can't say much afterward. This is, after all, virtually the same group that allowed the league's second-fewest points (250) as the backbone for last year's NFC East champions.

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