News: DC.COM: Depth Of Dooley’s Football Knowledge Caught Garrett’s Eye

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – It took some work on Jason Garrett’s part to bring one of his good friends back to a city he hadn’t coached in since 1999.

    Jerry Jones described the respect Garrett had for Derek Dooley and the tremendous input Dooley will have in the passing game this season, and Garrett expounded Jones’ comments.

    “He’s coached receivers, he’s coached tight ends, he’s coached running backs, he’s coached special teams,” Garrett explained, “and the depth of his knowledge about football is really significant. Also having been a head coach at the college level a couple of different places, the perspective that he brings I think is a really helpful one to me.”

    Dooley served as the head coach at Louisiana Tech and at the University of Tennessee, where he replaced Monte Kiffin’s son, Lane. Prior to that, Dooley was an offensive position coach for two years with the Dolphins, alongside Garrett.

    But Garrett and Dooley had been friends long before meeting in Miami. Their relationship blossomed in the late ‘90s, when Garrett did a football camp for children at Coppell High School. At the time, Dooley coached receivers at SMU.

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    Dooley was the coach at Louisiana Tech while I was attending there. He was the HC and the AD. He did wonders as our AD, improved a lot of things. However, as a coach, his game decisions were awful.

    There is one decision I will never forget. We had #9 Boise State at home and were down by 3 points in the 4th with about 4 minutes left in the game. We were averaging 5 YPC running the ball for the game. It was 4th and inches on our own 35 yard line. Dooley decided to punt and Boise scored 3 plays later, putting the game on ice. That was his downfall, ever conservative, two yards in a cloud of dust.
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    Most coaches would punt there. High risk gamble. Also, my first thought was if they averaged 5 ypc then why did they have 4th and inches anyway.
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    Averaging 5 YPC doesnt mean that you are going to get exactly 5. Against one of the best offenses in the country, at home, nothing to lose and with the #9 team on the ropes you have to go for the first down there.
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    There's a blast from the past.
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    I can only laugh when I see this thread title.

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