News: DC.COM: Dez Days: Bryant Providing Some Historical Juice

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 19, 2010.

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    Mickey Spagnola Columnist

    IRVING, Texas - Superlatives, born out of amazing and disbelief, are starting to fly high.

    You know, and they've come out of your mouths, too.

    Just incredible.

    You kidding me?

    Rookie of the Year.

    No way!

    Yep, that's what's been happening Dez days.

    This kid, Dez Bryant - and let's emphasize the kid part of all of this since the Cowboys' rookie wide receiver just turned all of 22 like two weeks ago - is adding more and more to what this Cowboys' offense has been yearning for all season long.

    More juice.

    And this hasn't been just any ol' juice, either. We're talkin' primo, high voltage stuff, for sure.

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    Dez has already made some darn good coaches. It's only a matter of time before he regularly makes the highlight reel. W/o playing in his senior college year, injuried through much of TC/preseason games & also hindered by injuries in first few regular season games, this kid has been inspiring. While the Cowboys were losing, we fans at least had Dez to lift our spirits.

    He's got great potential & he's already playing well enough that opponents must factor/contain him in their game preparations. Fortunately for us, no team has shown an ability to deal with him. Of course Dez is helped by having 2 good experienced WRs in Austin & RWilliams which make it much tougher for our opponents. Can only imagine how good he'll be once he learns all the plays. Barring injuries, keeping his head in the game w/no significant off-field distractions, Dez will be another great WR in the mode of our other 2 great #88's--both of whom ended up in the HOF. Go Dez.

    Finally, I'd like to give some credit to WR coach Ray Sherman. Yes Dez has all that talent but it's extremely rare for a rookie WR to really contribute in his first season.--except for the greats like a Moss, etc. Despite Dez's talents, I do believe Sherman has aided Dez's development by keeping him focused, etc. Also sounds like Kitna spent time mentoring Dez which very helpful for a rookie WR.

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