News: DC.COM: Different Paths: Elite WRs Square Off Sunday

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    Joseph Garcia Staff Writer

    One attended a big-time university, the other a small school. One was drafted third overall, the other went undrafted. However, the differences seemingly stop there.

    Pro Bowlers Andre Johnson and Miles Austin may be two of the most non-loquacious wide receivers in the NFL, yet that is no indication of how much bedlam they cause opposing defenses.

    "Everyone is different. I'm just the quiet guy," Johnson, the first pick by the Houston Texans (third overall) in 2003 said. "That's the way I've always been. I'm a fun guy when I'm around my teammates, around people I feel comfortable with. I talk and I have fun and things like that. All the other stuff, the dances in the end zone and doing all that other stuff, that's just not me. That's not my personality."

    "He's a big-time playmaker," Austin said of Johnson. "I see him out there making huge plays. He's everything you're looking for in a receiver. He catches the ball great. He runs hard. He's fast. He's a tough receiver."

    Austin's personality and impact on the field - in limited playing time - is similar. When he signed his six-year contract extension before the season-opener, executive vice president Stephen Jones called Austin the "anti-diva" receiver.

    "I think he is a great player," Johnson said of the Cowboys' receiver. "He looks like a guy who works real hard at what he does. It shows when he is out there on the field."

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    You can tell Miles Austin has a lot of Andre Johnson's game breaking ability.

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