News: DC.COM: Do you see the Cowboys moving Terence Newman to free safety in the next year?

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    RICHARD SMITH - WASHINGTON, DC: Do you see the Cowboys moving Terence Newman to free safety in the next year or two? Or is he still in the long-term plans at corner?

    Rob: There's a misconception that 30-something corners can just slide over to safety late in their careers. That's a very physical position that requires more run support than corner. Newman will be 33 next season, so eventually someone will have to take his spot at corner, but right now I don't see a transition there. He's been steadier than he gets credit for, despite that deep play against New Orleans.

    Nick: To the first question, I'd say no. It seems like people like to assume that an aging cornerback can just slide down to safety because he might not be as fast or quick. But there's a lot more to the position. A lot of it has to do with tackling and awareness. I still don't think Newman is done at cornerback. He's not a shutdown corner, if there is such a thing. Therefore, he'll get beat now and then. I still think he's more than serviceable. As for the long-term plans, I think he's in the short-term, plays on 2-3 years, and that's probably as far as any team needs to look.

    Josh: I just don't see it. He's a good corner right now, and aside from DeMarcus Ware he's probably been the most consistent player on the defense this season. He's still got speed he can afford to lose, much like a Darrell Green, and he's a young 32, if that makes sense, because his NFL career didn't start until 25. They won't be looking to replace him at corner in the near future. Of course, everything can change overnight, but I think his starting spot on the left side is solidified.

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