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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 24, 2014.

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    You make a good point about Fisher, but there were no QB's that we're going to go high last year, whereas this year there are 3-4 that could possibly go top 10. And the word coming out of this Senior Bowl, is not to fall too much in love with any one player, because the underclass men are considered to be significantly better. Like I said, you might be right. I'm a ND fan, and I saw him dominate good OL from good teams all year. I'd love to see him go that high.
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    You have much better grasp of the draft than I do but if that D line guy with those qualifications just isn't there in the 1st round I sure as hell hope we go safety. It's been absolutely killing us since Woodsen.
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    I'm ok with a C/G there but less enthusiastic for a G in the first. I'd rather see S or DL.
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    It's been a revolving door back there since Woodson. Roy was decent for a few years, but aside from him, we've been consistently awful.
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    I just could NOT see them invest another #1 pick in the OL.

    This whole draft is going to be defense.

    It is the fastest, cheapest way to help Kiffin and the defense return to being competitive.
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    Fisher is a prototype athlete for LT. He is a Tyron Smith body type. And Fisher is younger than Martin.

    Martin is going to make one heck of an OL for someone but he isn't usually projected to LT as a pro.
    Martin is strong but light in the pants. Some teams will LOVE him, others will prefer bigger OGs/RTs

    I also think Fisher and even Tyron are slight cautionary tales. It often takes time for a young OL to hit his peak. Really high picks that take a couple years are heartbreakers.

    I'd love Martin in round 2 but that's a lot to pay in the top 20-25.

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