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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Dec 28, 2011.

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    Posted by nickeatman at 12/28/2011 12:30 PM CST on

    Not only did quarterback Tony Romo miss out on being selected to the NFC Pro Bowl roster this year, but it’s unlikely he will even make it as an alternate. That’s assuming he’s even one of the alternates at all.

    The Cowboys are one of a few teams that never release their Pro Bowl alternates, mainly for future contract and incentive reasons. So it’s unclear if Romo was one of the alternates this year, but the Panthers announced Cam Newton as being the first alternate for the NFC. Detroit also announced Matthew Stafford was an alternate as well.

    The only other quarterbacks in the NFC with a shot to make it would be Atlanta’s Matt Ryan or San Francisco’s Alex Smith, who was not named an alternate.

    So it’s possible Romo is the third alternate to play, but it’s unlikely it will get that far.

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  2. Dallas

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    I hope Romo gives the joke bowl the middle finger salute and be done with it forever.
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    I have to say that this becomes more upsetting as we go along. Damn guy does everything, he's freaking 4th in the entire league in passer rating and yet he has to put up with this joke PB stuff. Hey, Cam is great and would love to have him but how in the hell does he even come close to Romo this year.

    ROMO WAS FREAKING 4TH IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE. The guy is really getting a bum rap. I really hope that he far outplays Eli and we win the damn game.
  4. xpistofer

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    I second the motion. It seems so obvious, but so few get it. The most under appreciated elite player I have ever seen.
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    I don't keep up much with the probowl and other qb's stats but has a qb with the stats that romo has ever not made the probowl before? It's just unreal to me that he wouldn't even be named an alternate with the numbers he has for the year.
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    Unbelievable how underrated Romo is. He's a much better quarterback than Ell, Stafford, Newton, or Ryan.
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    I agree. I will admit I was SERIOUSLY questioning him after the lions game as I know many were but he truly redeemed himself after that game and since that major blowout he's been playing lights out. He did an excellent job restoring faith in his believers and proving his detractors wrong.
  8. Idgit

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    What's worse is the way our own fans trash him after a single bad game. It'll happen again the next time he throws multiple picks in a loss.

    At least most probowl voters aren't Cowboys fans; they don't know any better.
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    I get Stafford. I somewhat get Newton. But Eli..........

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