News: DC.COM: Eatman: This Has Nothing To Do With Actual Play-Calling

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    In four years of covering Bill Parcells, no one really knew exactly who called the plays. Oh, people had their theories, like Tony Sparano did so for a while and then Sean Payton also had a hand in it. Maybe his first offensive coordinator, Maurice Carthon, sent the plays in.

    What I always heard was Parcells would tell the “play-caller” he wanted to go deep or to run Aveion Cason to the outside and then it was their job to figure out a few plays from the script to run. So who was the real play-caller there? No one knew and that’s how Parcells wanted it.

    And honestly, no one really cared.

    My point is that all the hoopla that took place yesterday at Valley Ranch that caused more national headlines really has nothing to do with the play-caller. Honestly, I don’t think any of Tuesday’s bulldogs really care at all who sends in “X, right, 23 Flash, Double-Dip, Geronimo-Hitch & Pitch … on two.”

    Other than knowing who to point blame to come September, no one really cares if Bill Callahan sends in the play or if Jason Garrett will be calling it again, or if Tony Romo[​IMG] will call his own plays from the huddle.

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    While Eatman's comment ring true, the bottom line is that if the team is successful offensively, then JJ will look like a genius (especially in his own mind); if the team falters on offense, then he has yet an other's a win-win for JJ even if the team loses-loses...

    ...IMO, I am glad for new blood calling plays or at least being involved with it (if that is what is truly happening)....I just want to see a somewhat balanced attack where their offense is on the attack...
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    I disagree slightly with your first statement. JJ will get the blame from fans and media until and unless it succeeds. Then the credit will be given by those same people to Garrett or Callahan.

    I completely agree with your second comment. Let's hope the running game is effective enough to stick with it this year. Especially in the red zone.
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    Nobody cares, because Bill Parcells was a HoF coach. Jason Garrett hasn't done jack squat. Spare the ridiculous analogies... I sure as hall care who is calling the plays come football season.

    Stop attempting to cover your tracks for your previous JG love-fest Dallas media. Now JG is supposedly hamstrung by JJ. The guy whose only experience as a real coach, was as a QB coach for Joey Harrington and Gus Frerotte, the latter, probably even played longer than JG ever did, meaning JG couldn't teach him jack squat.
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    So either way, Jerry is a bum? Got it.

    Bottomline, the Cowboys will be a better team this year. And that is a good thing.
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    If its not a playoff team, it wont matter how much better they are.

    No more Garrett.

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