News: Eatman: Time Finally Right To Draft TE

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Jan 21, 2012.

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    Eatman: Time Finally Right To Draft TE
    Posted by nickeatman at 1/18/2012 2:12 PM CST on

    While I don’t think the Cowboys will draft a tight end in the second round, or even in the first three or four to be honest, it does actually make more sense. Especially more sense than it did to draft Anthony Fasano in the second round in 2006 or Martellus Bennett in the 2008 second round.

    Looking back, which is obviously easy to do, taking a tight end in the second round was never going to pan out like a typical second-round pick should. In 2006, Jason Witten was 24 years old when they drafted Fasano.

    Witten wasn’t going anywhere then, and he was just a 26-year-old playmaker in 2008 when Bennett came along. And over the years, we’ve also learned that getting Witten out of the game for any type of injury is a challenge in itself...
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    No TE in the first 4 rounds.

    Then if one falls to us, definitely grab one.
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    I don't know about that - I think this actually might be a priority. A pass catcher who can block well enough to be part of 2 TE sets could really help us to move Witten to a roll that limits his blocking. Witten recently has looked like a guy who is fighting though tons of little injuries.

    The whole "complete TE" idea is nice but after 9 seasons, you have to give up on that and let the guy concentrate on catching the ball.

    Of course, that #2 TE could be a guy we grab in FA as well.
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    are there any good wr TE's in the draft? We need someone that can create mismatches, can catch, and can run routes. I would love for him to have good lateral agility also.
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    after this year, any remotely ready to play WR TE's will be snapped up quickly. Our best bet is to get one late and develope him. Phillips frankly can do ok as the #2; he is not the blocker Bennet is but he is a better receiver.
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    I thought we had four receivers and a tightend that did these things.

    The defense is hurting pretty bad and has been the primary reason Dallas cant hold a lead and I don't know how a tightend is going to help that.
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    I hate the idea that you can be successful in this league by making both sides of the ball better than average. You get by in this league by being really really good on one side and just OK on the other.

    Look at NE, 3rd overall in scoring. Their D gave up 5 fewer points than us during the season. Their D is getting by with WRs who are playing DB. Their D has far far less talent than us. Why does their D do just as well? Because the offense is brutalizing people and their opponents generally have to play from behind.

    That is what we should aspire to, not to be a team that is mediocre on both sides
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    I agree.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    We don't need to draft a TE with all the holes on D that need filled.
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    Great post.

    Of course I'd love to have great balance, but you don't need it to win in this league anymore. We're real close to a complete and dominant offense. We're much farther away on defense.

    Now that doesn't mean I'd force draft picks on offense this year, but if the value is there it would be the best upgrades we could make to contend next year.
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    Don't you think any big, fast, athletic TE will be gone by the late rounds unless there is something fatal about him or he played basketball and even then it may be difficult to get in the late rounds?
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    Look at Gates, Graham, Gronkowski........all essentially College B.ball Power Fowards.....with b.ball footworks hands and propensity to be very physical.

    Find a bunch that have football in their background, dont have NBA ability.....and start sorting thru for a project to develop on the practice squad.
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    I think NE is just more about a Hall of Fame QB playing at a very high level and how he can overcome mostly anything that comes his way right now including a marginal NE defense.

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