News: Eatman: Two Players Change This Offense

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Dec 8, 2011.

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    Eatman: Two Players Change This Offense
    Posted by nickeatman at 12/7/2011 6:00 PM CST on

    At this point in the season, every team is battling through injuries. Some teams obviously have more than others and the Cowboys are actually in better shape injury-wise than they were early in the year, although it’s hard to tell that by Wednesday’s injury report that included eight players who didn’t practice.

    Still, this time of year, there are no excuses anymore.

    But just looking at personnel and match-ups, getting Miles Austin and Tony Fiammetta back in the lineup will help this Cowboys offense tremendously...
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    Problem I have is that if you only have one speed guy, you might as well have none. You need to be able to keep Miles healthy and you need to have another speedster that can go deep should they try to take away Miles from the crossing and 9 routes.
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    I don't understand all this philosyphying about the offense. Somebody needs to analyze Robbie's Boys.
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    This article presented two offensive additions that should help the team.

    Miles Austin should help the passing game because he presents a legitimate deep threat/speed receiver.

    Then Fiammetta because previously with him as the fullback, the running game excelled.
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    Miles not only has speed and YAC he also is experienced enough to help Romo out when they blitz or play certain coverages. He should be where Romo expects him to be. That is something Romo hasn't had lately.
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    Good call, Jobber...:)
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    Sure would be nice to have all 3 of our top receivers healthy for one game. Looks like I might be asking for too much this late in the season.

    Most intriguing thing for me this game is how our FB helps our running game. A lot has been built up about it. I hope he lays out a few LBs and makes a name for himself in this rivalry.

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