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    IRVING, Texas - By definition, you're going to overpay more often than not in free agency.

    After all, the Cowboys only signed these seven newcomers because they were willing to pay more than anyone else. It stands to reason that the NFL consensus is that these guys aren't quite as good as their new paychecks would suggest.

    1. Kyle Orton - Three years and $10.5 million would seem like a lot to pay someone who you hope never steps on the field, but having a good backup quarterback is precious insurance in this NFL. And actually, Orton's contract isn't a significant increase over what Jon Kitna had been paid the last three years. Considering how beaten up Tony Romo has been since 2008, it's nice to have arguably the best backup in the league. And by the way, conventional wisdom is that Romo will be the Cowboys' starter far beyond the 2013 season, when his deal is up, but if the cost of re-signing him is prohibitive and he's in an obvious decline, you could do worse than Orton, who is two-and-a-half years younger.

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    Outside of signing a dang-near elite CB in Brandon Carr, Kyle Orton is arguably the best FA signing this year for the Cowboys. Orton knows his role here. And Orton is very capable of winning game(s) this year if need be. I probably like this signing the best.

    The Cowboys did their homework this offseason. I also love the Dan Connor signing. In case Carter isn't what he SHOULD be, Dan SHOULD be able to replace him in a pinch. I think we've done well up to this point. On to the draft.
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    At least with Orton you can still make the playoffs if Romo gets his bi-annual injury spree.
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    I don't disagree with that if Dallas is in contention for the Superbowl and that was the missing piece.

    Dallas, specially with the cap hit, spending that much money on a backup QB is not wise cap usage. In fact Dallas' drafting is coming back to haunt them big time. Poor drafting on the offensive line and in the secondary forced them to overpay in free agency. Same at QB. How long are they going to go without drafting a qb with potential to do more than McGee? He should be capable of fulfilling the role that Orton is doing by now or gone and replaced by someone they can groom.
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    I have to disagree with you in that the money spent on Orton is well justified given the fact that a.) McGee is obviously not Romo's succesor and Orton can step in and win games for us. b.) We are not in a postion to go after a QB in the draft beings that we don't need one at the moment as more pressing needs are still evident (OL, DL, S).
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    I don't agree. Orton is a luxury that Dallas cannot afford right now. If Dallas were a superbowl contender then I would agree with you. If Romo goes down for a signifcant amount of time then Dallas is done anyway. The money spent on Orton would be better off spent on a good guard. Also, Dallas needs to find out if McGee can play or not. He has been here long enough to figure that out. If not then develop someone else.
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    Question- did you not witness Chicago after Cutler's injury? They went from a playoff contender to .500, all due to a lack of backup QB. Orton is a bargain as an insurance policy.

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