News: Finally Time To Fully Evaluate The 2008 Draft Class

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    Evaluations Need Time
    Eatman: Finally Time To Fully Evaluate The 2008 Draft Class
    Nick Eatman Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas - With the 2011 NFL Draft barely in the books, it's time to start evaluating. Yep, it's time to really see who the Cowboys selected and put a legitimate grade on not only every pick, but the entire class.

    You ready? Too early maybe? I don't know, it's been a full three years since they were drafted.

    Yeah, that's right - three years. Wait, we are talking about the class of 2008, right? You know, the crop that landed two first-rounders in Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins, not to mention Martellus Bennett and Tashard Choice and Orlando Scandrick....
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    give it a B--2 years ago I would have given it an A
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    What part of Felix Jones averaging 7.66 YPC (at Arkansas) do you not understand, Nick?

    What part of Felix Jones was ranked number 9 in rushing yards (from 2000-2009/SEC) despite not being ranked in the top 20 (in rushing attempts) do you not understand?

    What part of Felix Jones being ranked number 10 in rushing yards per game (minimum 22 games/SEC) do you not understand?

    Your bias against Felix Jones is really disappointing and predictable. I know you love McFadden, but there is absolutely no excuse for not viewing Jones objectively. What are you afraid of?

    I watched Felix Jones play a whole lot of games at Arkansas, too. You might want to go watch some of them, again. No. You know what, never mind. It wouldn't do any good.

    Do you ever say anything positive about Felix Jones?
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    Giving Jones the same grade as Choice is laughable.
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    Only Nick "Darren McFadden homer" Eatman could write a column about how Marion Barber should remain the feature back, after Felix Jones rushes 79 times for 475 yards during his last 6 games of 2009 (including the playoffs).

    Felix Jones rushes 146 times for 902 yards (6.17 YPC) during the 16 games that he played in (2009), and Eatman puts out the Marion Barber should remain the starter column. Felix hangs 272 total yards on the Eagles in two weeks and has the longest rushing TD in Cowboys playoff history and has one of the best playoff games by a running back, in Cowboys playoff history, but it doesn't matter to you.

    It's no wonder that you think DeMarco Murray is a "more accomplished" running back coming out of college, than Felix Jones.

    Some Tashard Choice homer calls in and calls Jones the "third best running back on the team". Nick sure was quiet, and he didn't address that absurd statement.

    You seem so sure that Murray is better than Felix.

    We'll see.
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    Felix Jones gets single digit carries in 6 of the first 8 games of 2010. In five of the first 8 games, there was literally no where to run. The first time Jones gets double digit carries against the Titans, he puts up 109 rushing yards. The next week, the Vikings expose Dallas' offensive line, again. Garrett comes in and starts feeding the football to Jones, and Jones does the very best that he can, with a significantly old and deteriorated offensive line (according to Mike Lombardi; just one source on that subject/the o-line).

    Despite Dallas ranking 31st in rush offense after 8 games and getting single digit carries in 6 of the first 8 games, Felix Jones puts up 1250 total yards on 233 touches, behind an old, deteriorated offensive line. Jason Garrett had Jones on a 1500 total yard pace, and Mark Colombo was playing RT (the worst RT in the NFL). Furthermore, the third team QB basically played the last two games, and the screen game was lost due to that.
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    Felix Jones carried the football more times at Arkansas, than he has carried it in Dallas. Jones rushed the football 386 times at Arkansas, and he has carried it 361 times in Dallas (counting two playoff games).

    However, when Dallas has let Jones tally double digit carries, Jones has come through and gotten the most out of his rushing attempts, especially in 2010, when he faced adversity on multiple fronts.
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    "In 2010, Felix had the highest average yards per target of any running back in the league (8.7), and also led the entire NFL in catch rate (92.3%) and YAC per target (10.9, almost a full two yards ahead of the next guy). Felix was 5th in the league in total YAC, despite only playing half of his team's offensive snaps. He also ranked 5th in 10+ yard runs per carry".

    This is information is from Percyhoward (word for word), one of the very best posters on this board, if not the best.

    I bet Darren Eatman didn't know this, did he?

    It must have killed you that Felix was outplaying McFadden during his rookie year, while the Cowboys were mismanaging him, by running him extremely inconsistent. Felix outplayed McFadden in 2009, not even close. Last year, McFadden had a break through, but he also had a better offensive line to run behind, while Jones' line got old and really bad all at the same time.

    Tyron Smith is here now.

    The field and the playbook just reopened for Felix.

    Can't wait for your Murray should start column. Not!
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    Can't wait til the rate the '09 draft.

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