News: DC.COM: First Impression: Brewster Makes Most Of Starting Role

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    Edward Lewis Staff Writer

    SAN DIEGO - Right tackle Robert Brewster tried to get focused before his first-ever NFL start with the Cowboys. He listened to some rap music, rifled through his notes and attempted to relax.

    But there was one thing Brewster really needed to get prepared for Saturday night's game against the Chargers: A meeting with his old college football head coach at Ball State, Brady Hoke, who coaches a few miles away from Qualcomm Stadium at San Diego State now.

    He met up with Hoke, and the man that turned Brewster into an All-Mid American Conference player and a future third-round pick gave him some advice to help him prepare for his starting debut. "He just kept on telling me, 'Hey, just keep doing what you've been doing in college - just because it's the NFL, there's really no difference. It's football,'" Brewster said. "What really got me prepared were some of his words. They just really got me back focused, remembering the old days."

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