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    Game Day

    Key Matchups

    Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick against Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz:

    When you play slot corner in the NFL you had better be ready to face your opponent’s best receiver. Orlando Scandrick will square off against Victor Cruz in what should be an interesting match-up. Cruz plays with exceptional quickness and a fearless attitude when it comes to going for the ball. Scandrick can match him with his quickness but will need to play with a physical style off the press to not allow Cruz free access in his route. When Cruz is able to get in his route is where he is most dangerous. Throughout training camp, Scandrick has done a much better job of playing with confidence and defending the ball. If Scandrick can maintain position in the route there is a chance to make the play because Eli Manning isn’t always accurate with his passes. The situation where the Cowboys have to be aware is not to allow Cruz to take a short gain and make it a big play. It will be up to Orlando Scandrick to make sure this doesn’t happen on third downs.

    Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith against Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul:

    There has been a great deal of talk before this game about the Giants pass rush and how the Cowboys would be able to fare against it. In the off season, the Cowboys made the switch of Tyron Smith from right tackle to the left side. Where Smith has an advantage in this match up throughout the spring and into camp, he has faced DeMarcus Ware each day and though it wasn’t always pretty he came through it with a better understanding of how he is going to have to play technique against these edge rushers. Pierre-Paul is like Ware in that you don’t see the same rush but where Pierre-Paul is different is that he doesn’t have the upper body strength of Ware so to walk him back into Romo will be a challenge. Smith will need to find a way to get into Pierre-Paul quickly before he gets up the field on his pass rush but hammer him coming off the ball in the running game to try and slow him down. The Giants will move Pierre-Paul around to try and find a match up they can win, then Osi Umenyiora comes into the game. The one thing the Cowboys can ill afford is for Tyron Smith to have a poor game.

    Players to Watch...

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