News: DC.COM: Garrett Expresses His Thoughts At NFC Coaches Breakfast

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    Here are some of those highlights:

    • No new developments have taken place in regards to the team’s play-caller, but Garrett continued to emphasize how the job of head coach and the job of play-caller both entail great responsibilities. He’s talked to people around the league about how they’ve handled similar situations, and his first discussion about whether or not he should be calling plays occurred two and a half years ago prior to a Monday night game against the Giants. It still doesn’t seem like a stretch to think Bill Callahan will assume those duties.
    • Garrett emphasized how crucial this year’s draft is. He said the Cowboys need to run better and be stronger on the offensive line. “How do you address that? Well you address that, again, through free agency or the draft,” Garrett said. The team’s salary cap situation doesn’t permit them to do much in free agency, but Garrett said the team could still redo a couple contracts to allow them to be selective. Obviously, getting Romo done is the prime focus.
    • Dez Bryant[​IMG] seems fine after his finger surgery, and Garrett said the star receiver is upbeat and positive. Garrett recalled how emotional Bryant was after finding out he’d broken his finger and may need immediate surgery. He quickly went to Garrett and told him he can’t go on injured reserve and needed to finish the season. Bryant demonstrated physical strength, but Garrett said the strides he’s seen from Bryant off the field mentally and with his maturity level have been just as great. He said the consistency Bryant’s developed personally has carried over to the field.
    • Sometimes Miles Austin[​IMG]’s desire to work can be detrimental to his health. Garrett said Austin still views himself as a free agent from Monmouth, and every day he lives his life that way with his work ethic. He said he works as hard as any receiver he’s been around, and sometimes Austin needs to tone it back to avoid the hamstring issues. Garrett said he thought he saw the old burst from Austin two or three times last season, and this is a critical year for him to ensure he’s healthy.
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