News: Getting Close; Expect Chaos To Begin

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    Getting Close; Expect Chaos To Begin
    Posted by nickeatman at 7/25/2011 9:01 AM CDT on

    After more than four months of a league-wide lockout, the end is definitely in sight. Pending the official vote from the NFLPA to sign a new 10-year deal on a Collective Bargaining Agreement, the NFL appears very close to getting back to business.

    And with that, it’s going to ignite a flurry of events in what will likely prove to be one of the wildest weeks in league history.

    For the Cowboys, training camp is now back on as the team is expected to report to San Antonio this week, likely to start practices on Thursday in the Alamodome, however it’s likely the first two or three days of camp will be mostly conditioning-oriented. The Cowboys held back two trucks with practice equipment and gear on Friday but have not sent them San Antonio-bound...

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