News: DC.COM: Hamstring Injuries Have Slowed Cowboys Since Camp

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – The Cowboys could almost field an entire team with players who have suffered a hamstring pull since training camp.

    Among a handful of obstacles the Cowboys have faced, from penalties to turnovers to a lack of a running game, injuries is high on the list, with hamstring problems at the forefront.

    Anthony Spencer[​IMG], Lance Dunbar[​IMG], Dez Bryant[​IMG], Jason Hatcher[​IMG] and DeMarcus Ware[​IMG] all suffered minor hamstring tweaks or pulls at some point in the preseason or regular season. Miles Austin[​IMG]’s hamstring pull was more significant, forcing him out for the preseason.

    But even that didn’t compare to the hamstring and back injuries of fourth round pick Matt Johnson[​IMG], who is just now returning to practice from the setbacks he suffered in training camp.

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    Nothing says soft like a slew of hamstring injuries.
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    they don't want to practice.
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    the new CBA is a joke as regards getting a team ready to actually play.

    Though you have to wonder at all those that were boasting how great Woicik is- why did this happen?
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    Complete jinx. And yes, I believe in them.

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