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    Tuesday, April 26, 12:30 PM (time subject to change)
    Wed, Apr 27 10:30 AM Cowboys Break


    should be live on 1053thefan maybe

    i dont have link to webcast on dallascowboys.com its not up yet
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    1053thefan 105.3 The FAN
    Jerry Jones press conference coming up at 12:30 on 105.3 The Fan!
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    Click on the multimedia tab on the top of the cowboys website and it will take you to the PC live video. For some reason the link on the right was not working.

    As of right now it is a live video but nobody is on stage, just some reporters walking around.

    Edit...this should be the direct link...
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    Recap: Press conference at cowboys stadium, remember zoners, jerry and jason said they would have press conferences like this at cowboys stadium

    Writers filing in now, should be soon;

    Jerry:eek:k guys first of all thanks for being here, have reason for having at stadium then at valley ranch, they wouldnot let me bring the draft here, but stephen will answer questions to draft strategdy, and tom c... answer on the process. We can talk about any change etc

    tom c. 18 scouts, but jerry says you dontwant to know how much i spend on scouting, travel plans, etc... you dont wantto know

    i can and will answer some questions on cba,free agencybut dontget your hopes up, i want you tobe aware where we put emphasis on the draft with our scouts. Coaches now had some extra time to have input on the draft

    tom c... basically start out every day, get list of players by combine and all scouts are asssigned to grade players, to phase 2 where what players meet our criteria, to phase 3 at east west, senior bowl where we que inon players we are interested in, its a community grade by the scouts, coaches, and cowboys staff with about 7 grades within the dept, we have 2400 playersin our database, where we have convictions on players and coaches cross check scouts on players, so thursday to friday there are

    jerry, grades im interested in is the december grades scouts have on players
    before they have all gotten together

    you try tofill some needs before the draft but by not having it, everything is more fair game and pushes us towards the board to take the best player, so most part we could pick any player for the future of the cowboys

    jerry; question time

    veteran free agency yes or no before start of season, we are down the middle of that, as you know we had a ruling that impacted that so to speak, and waiting on ruling from excisting judge and evolving as a league as well as anticipating go to other area in ruling towards propel court, im thinking through collective bargaining may come up wiht an answer

    question, i have if a pattern, that has changed and take alook at looking at offfensive linemen high in the draft, so we will look at that philosophy and take that into account from way we have looked at OL in the past, because we had luxury with tuniee, flozell, so candindly we felt good about players protecting the passer

    question on staying at 9 or be bold or safe, whats bold or whats safe, we all understand and ive thought you just confuse security of a draft pick, because as u know i like to take risks, you can look good or bad with taking risks, so you like to think there is going to be another ware or dez there etc paraphraising

    question, trade calls jerry: ive got what your postioin to trade down, ive gotten more enquiries to trade down, but we do expect some interest, so dont be surprised like with way qb thing is looking in this draft with a down trade

    no we have not opened weight room, in process determiing throughout the league when we will open league year, so we have not done that, i saw one of league attorneys, need some days to get ready since they got shut down, im just quoting that

    question, winning last reg season game and not getting that top pick, we needed to win that game adn how are team, like one of players on team i visisted for the draft, i was so interested how you held it together in face of adversity because our college team toook alot of pride to hold it togetheer adn i wanted to ask you how you did that in retrospect

    question, top OTs in draft, tom c... there is some depth, dont want to get in specifics, i think 5-6 OTs in 1st round

    question; to jerry from players reps, jerry on players being quiet, idont think dialogue from our perspective is constructive, we tie in very much sitting down and negotiate with our players and be candid and feel security, the judge felt that way and dont want to talk about that, with the las vegas rule it stays there, but ithink from our standpoint, so many moving parts with court aspect, with labor aspect adn you just want to be sure your not misquoted paraphrasing here

    question tojerry, on columbo; first of all let us recognize what columbo contributed to our team with a tough attitude, we have several desiciosns tomake with where we are in labor agreement and in draft, etc that is up in the air and we havent come up with a decision, im talking about columbo, but stephen help me out here, we have 4 to 5 players under contract i dont want to say where we are going till we see somemore cards played, draft i think and cba

    question, i dont want tobuy into your assumption,when did i say i was wrong, we felt good last year andstill surprised we didnt have more success last year, but keep in mind with contracts and commitments, you just dont tear up contracts and start over, im pleased with talent we have, but there is no reason not to believe that we can be more successfult than last year,

    indulge me here in college we were suppose to go great butr we went 5-5, but added one player my sr year and went to championship, so i have experienced and get it going tobe successful, we really want and as high as were picking these guys will come in here and be players, even me and jason say those guys have to come in and help us,; no development players for us

    question to jerry; yeah tom, you look for critical factors in position in regards to players they missed on for offensive line, so its important to know the colleges and have certain criteria for players you draft to be successful

    des at top of this draft worthy of being 9th pick question to jerry, yes there is, we have one that might be right attop of draft on some teams boards,

    thats all on thefan zoners,tried to recap my best
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    Thanks for the recap Joe!
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    draft question moving up; jerry i dont know why but with lots of things up in air with cba etc, no free agency, i think we have a chance with rookie wage scale adn if we operate with scale of salary like last year, all of that could impact your expenditures for people going up inthe draft way high, but you know your goingto get your head handed to u when you go that high, i dont wantto imply we might trade up but i dont wantto say we wouldnt move up

    i think stephen said, could be because of qb thing in this years draft, you could have some team trying to get down to get some qbs, so they can create dynamic, but if right situation came along if qbs affected this draft, if right player moved down in our range we could possilby move up

    i like our mix of age, and we have some young players i think can step in, we have some young safeties and OL that could play, i like to think were not rebuidling and compete even though last years record doesnt show that, i like our starting qb and backup and young mcgee, so our mix andthis draft could impact this with a player that is older, i find those averages can tear u up than anything, but candindly, ive lost alot of money when industry is going good with those ages

    no, with a drafted qb priroity question NO

    jason part stephen answers very impressive, very opinioated in somethings he would like to see, and with rob and parcells, i think he would lean more to 2 gap stuff, on rob's concept on defense, question was asked if defense different from wade's defense to rob ryan style of defense

    jerry, jason doesnt forget a thing and make very pointed inquiries about a player, and have a very significant input, and will have done it more than any coach ihave seen, and really impressed with jason garrett

    tom c.... any scout should know the head coach, im not imtimated and i will say this is what i see about this player, there is a little give and take, but exercise and between scouting and coaching has been very good since ive been here

    jerry i will not buck a decsion by tom c...and the scouts but stephen, but not the making of the board, because scouts do too much work on the board andhear how coach wants to coach his position and scouts paraphraing here, work together, so jerry continues, you can have a sheet of all your salaries, etc and do you have plans to extend that guy, for example you have a cb there and you have a rb sitting same positon on board, then you would do madness not to listen to the scouts, and thats when you see decision to be made and there has to be a tie breaker, and i heard jason garrett say, i do listen tothe radio, that we are all in this together, and we put it in file of what each scout and coach, have on a player

    question at 9, think we will have 4 players we will be considering at that point head scout tom says

    thats it zoners:starspin
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    First, thanks for the summary Joe!

    Next, who are these four players Tom C. mentioned? I will take a stab:

    T. Smith
    A. Castonzo
    C. Jordan
    J.J. Watt
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    yw buddy,

    i think those are the 4 players cowboys have targeted to be there at 9
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    yw buddy
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    A few of my observations... Watching it now...

    PC is at the Stajium. Always want to be there whenever possible.

    Stephen and Tom are there but it's 90% (at least) Jerry talking.

    Jerry says his thinking on not taking OL with high first rounders *has* changed and now he's open to that.

    Tom C says up to five OTs taken in the first round.

    Jerry started out talking about his contributions but then slipped into past tense once. (I think Colombo is gone.)

    Naturally, he thinks that last win against the Eagles future CFLers was worth it. He says we got some tangible things from that win, like confidence. (lol)

    Thinks our former top-10 picks like Newman, Roy Williams, and Ellis were "safe" picks, but also very productive. (JJ thought we took Newman at #6 overall.)

    Have you ever heard the story about his Arkansas team that went 5-5 and then won the the national championship the very next year? Oh, you've heard it 500 times? Well, make it 501.

    Top picks need to play now. No development players up there.

    Tom C weighs intangibles like toughness, work ethic, love of football very highly.

    There *are* some defensive ends worthy of the #9 pick. One that might be at the top of the draft. (But he says there are some, plural.)

    Asked specifically about if Tyron Smith is ready, kind of dodged the question. Says anyone picked that high *will* play right away and will have to grow into the job.

    Five tech DEs have been hard to find, but this year there are up to 5-6-7- candidates in the first round.

    Are you too high, and thus is it too expensive, to move up even a couple of spots? I'm not as skeptical of that as in years past. I could see people not being as reluctant to move up to the top of the draft as in previous years. (Possibly because of rookie scale.)

    Seems to think QBs could create an opportunity to move down. But says we really need a good price to move down.

    Says we have some good young players who haven't played yet -- safeties, OL. We aren't rebuilding. Record last year doesn't reflect our talent. One 22 year old on our fronts could lower the average age there quite a bit.

    Is adding a new QB a priority? No.

    There are some differences between Rob and Wade 34 personnel. Rob leans more toward the Parcells 2-gap type players. (This is what I've always thought.)

    Jerry: I will not buck the position of Tom C's board. Stephen will. Some coaches will. I won't. Clarifies that he's talking about the board itself.

    Says you don't simply pick highest player on draft board because often several will be grouped so closely there's little difference in ability. That's where Stephen's salary figures on players matters -- who could we be planning to release, who to extend, etc.

    Tom C thinks about four players will be considered at #9.
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    Thanks for the recap CL.
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    super recap buddy, my recaps always stink most of the time, but i try :cool:
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    Naw, you do a good job, joe. It's harder live than watching a replay like I did where I can stop it or go back and make sure I heard what I thought I did.

    I will say that even the people who hate Jerry -- and we all know who they are -- will be at least a little sorry when he's gone. The guy is truly one of a kind.
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    thanks buddy, yep, i like jerry jones, sure sometimes i question him like some dallas cowboys players, but jerry cares about winning and wants championships, which of course means more money for him,

    but the key for us, is Jason Garrett dealing and working with Jerry, and eventually in time Stephen :)
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    The two most troubling takes from Jerry are 1) that he has a history of gambling with picks and thinks he has done well. 2) he thinks the team is a player or two away.
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    I say the cowboys are 2 to 3 players away. It could all depend on what cowboys get in this years draft. For instance if they could trade up and get Patrick Peterson, thats a super impact player. However, on our type of defense I think J J Watt or Cameron Jordan could be an impact player too, as well as Tyron Smith at OT in time.

    Then, if you can hit and get another player in 2nd round high, your real close, while possibly get a safety and an offensive linemen free agent. That could propel this team back to elite in my estimation.

    I think also Jason Garrett is going to have us scoring like he did in 2007 tops in the league and rob ryan is going to really impact our defense like wade had the cowboys defense at top of the league in 2007. If, and yes, there is always a IF. This cba is signed so you can get players in for the playbook and see that their in shape under Woick our head trainer, and have a solid training camp, with minicamp and OTAs for Jason and Rob to implement their schemes. :cool:

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