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    In The Moment
    Spagnola: Better Suppress Dancing Super-Plums
    Mickey Spagnola

    IRVING, Texas – So now we know why Jason Garrett is so adamant about staying in the moment, and that he consistently backhands away questions about what has been or what can be.

    There is no room in his compartmentalized world for big-screen pictures. His philosophy of coaching a football team is more one of a 19-inch black and white with rabbit-ear antennas, always trying to maintain a singular focus.

    And this 2011 season for the Dallas Cowboys has become the control for his treatise on the coaching of football.

    Why, just think back. Believe it or not, and how soon most forget, the Cowboys started this season off at 2-3, and of course, when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys, that automatically means the sky was falling, giving no credence to the facts: A new head coach, a new defensive coordinator and system, a retooled offensive line, really no offseason to implement any of these changes, and a quarterback playing with busted up ribs and a bruised lung, no less.

    Or remember that the Cowboys after seven games were sitting there at 3-4, having just had their ears waxed by the Philadelphia Eagles, 34-7, before a national television audience. You talk about Armageddon. Oh my, already there were those wondering quite loudly if Jason was the right guy for the job; if he needed an offensive coordinator; if the Cowboys needed to trade Tony Romo; and if it was time to wash their hands of Dez Bryant.


    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones got roasted, and challenged locally, even on his own radio show segment by the team's radio network flagship station, when he said after the Eagles beating that he "wasn't concerned," writing the game off as one of those things. You would have thought he had taken the name of Tom Landry in vain....

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