News: DC.COM: Injured RB Tanner Forced To Rest On His Laurels For Now

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    Josh Ellis Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – The growing excitement over undrafted rookie running back Jamize Olawale[​IMG] has a familiar ring to it. This time last year, there was another guy just like him, trying to prove he deserved a spot.

    Were it not for a hand injury, Phillip Tanner[​IMG] would almost certainly be getting a bulk of the carries that have gone to Olawale in these preseason games. While he recovers, hopefully in time for the preseason finale, Tanner is working to stay positive.

    “I try to tell myself to focus on the things that I can control,” Tanner said. “That just means paying attention in meetings, paying attention in walkthroughs, keeping my body in shape, running and staying mentally prepared.”

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    My first question here, would be to how well they are at blocking in passing situations...both Phillip Tanner and Jamize Olawale. I'm sold on keeping them both around when the final roster sounds. They both would serve on special teams, I assume as well. But I'm really kind of excited about what they both could add offensively to the team. They can take some of the pounding to get to and through black and blue, December.

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