News: DC.COM: Instant Review: Staff Gives Early Analysis Following 38-33 Win

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    The Cowboys once again fell behind in the first half but found a way to rally back for the win. The staff of Bryan Broaddus, Rowan Kavner and Nick Eatman give their initial thoughts on the loss.

    Rowan: If there was a chance for the Cowboys to run away with a game, it was this week against a Philadelphia team without its top three offensive threats. But anyone watching this team should know nothing comes easy. Once again, the Cowboys started slowly and had to play catch up. This time they did enough to pull out the victory with clutch second half performances from Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, but the late starts are bound to be too great to overcome if they continue down the stretch against quality teams.

    Bryan: The Cowboys were able to rush the ball for 123 yards and despite it was only for 3.7 yards per carry, it gave them the opportunity to stay ahead of the chains which allowed Garrett to be a little bit more aggressive with his playing calling. It also helped that Romo was in total control of the game and was able to get his teammates in and out of some plays to take advantage of being ahead of the chains. Tonight we saw what a difference DeMarco Murray can make when he is lining up in this backfield. There were times where Murray didn’t hit the hole with the normal zip that we had seen in the past and I thought this was more about being in game shape than being injured. I feel going forward, you will see a better Murray running the ball but more importantly you will see a more balanced offense which will help Romo continued to have night like he did this evening.

    Nick: There might have been some ugly moments, but in no way would I call this an ugly win. For this month of the year, the Cowboys can’t worry about how they win games in December. It was obvious DeMarco Murray’s presence was felt in a major way, especially in the passing game. The middle of the field was wide open and Tony Romo exploited it all day. This was probably Romo’s best game of the season and it came at a critical moment in the season. Sure this defense had its issues, but it was like a preseason game out there with both sides filling the game with backups. The Eagles did a nice job moving the ball early, but the Cowboys made yet another big play on defense. One thing I’ve learned about the NFC East, is that you can never complain how you win a division game. They’re always tough no matter the records or circumstances heading in.

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    Even when they win they lose. :laugh2:

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