News: DC.COM: Iron the Creases: Little Things Will Make A Big Difference

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    IRVING, Texas - Texans head coach Gary Kubiak says he doesn't see an 0-2 team when he watches the Cowboys on film this week.
    Would 2-0 mean this team is flawless? No. The Cowboys have been outplayed in certain areas since the Sept. 12 opener, or head coach Wade Phillips wouldn't be discussing changes this week at Valley Ranch. The players wouldn't be holding their own team meeting, with Phillips' blessing, to constructively dissect what happened and what's ahead.

    Listen, it's difficult to win in this league. Nineteen of the first 32 games this year have been decided by a touchdown or less. Eight of the Cowboys' 16 games last year, and two-for-two this year, have been decided by that margin. The champion Saints have squeaked out victories twice already, needing a lucky bounce or two against the young, improving 49ers.
    But it's even harder to win, sometimes impossible, when the little things cost you points on either side of the ball.

    Read about the little things:

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