News: DC.COM: LA Story Part 2: Larry Allen Introduces Himself to Haley

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    By Jeff Sullivan

    (Editor’s Note: As former Cowboys’ Pro Bowl lineman Larry Allen approaches this weekend’s Pro Football Hall of Fame announcement, where it’s expected “LA” will get the prestigious honor in his first year of eligibility, will reflect on his career all week. Today, writer Jeff Sullivan recounts Charles Haley facing Allen for the first time in training camp.)

    No one, absolutely no one, was tougher on rookies than Charles Haley. Heck, Haley was tough on everyone, from head coaches (see George Seifert) to teammates to equipment managers to the media to more or less anyone within his zip code. Still, rookies were his favorite prey, not only in the locker room and during film sessions, but also on the practice field.

    No, make that especially on the practice field. To Haley, this was the only way the youngsters were going to learn what it took to play for the Dallas Cowboys. In his own unique way, he was going to assist the coaching staff in training the kids.

    Well, at least that was the plan for the first day of training camp in 1994, at St. Edward’s University in Austin. This was the day Haley met the team’s second-round pick from Sonoma State, a quiet, unassuming, yet massive 22-year-old by the name of Larry Allen.

    The huddles break for the first play of the scrimmage, and Haley immediately starts in on Allen, calling him, well, let’s use our imagination on this while assuming it was entertaining if nothing else. Allen doesn’t say a word, doesn’t even look up and acknowledge him. The ball is snapped, Haley, in his prime as one of the game’s elite pass rushers, takes perhaps a stride, no more as Allen promptly treats him like a four-year-old does a Slinky.

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    Love reading this kind of stuff.

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    Contrast the OL and DL Dallas used to have to what we have now. We used to have some pretty "nasty" players. Guys like Charles Haley, Leon Lett, etc. on Defense, and guys like Larry Allen, Eric Williams, etc. on Offense played angrily and aggressively.cuy
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    Nobody thought those early decade teams had anything on the OL. Bunch of nobodies or unproven players. So maybe if we start blocking well and playing well these new guys will be somebodies too.
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    What a monster. Almost two decades later and I still can't get over the fact this guy was a Cowboy. There was never a more dominant offensive lineman in my recollection. Others may have been about as skilled, but no one else had that skill in combination with Allen's physical prowess.

    LA played every position on the line except center. He was that skilled and disciplined.
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    wow talk about dreaming
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    Love stuff like this
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    larry allen = bernadeau = costa

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    Me too... I especially love how the quiet ones just unleash the beatdowns...
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    Thanks for posting - good read.

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