News: DC.COM: Lett Looks Forward To Coaching 4-3 Style He Played In NFL

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    Rowan Kavner Staff Writer

    IRVING, Texas – A switch to the 4-3 scheme should satiate a hungry defensive line group.

    At least that’s what assistant defensive line coach Leon Lett believes, after the Cowboys made the change back to the scheme he was more familiar with during his 11-year career. He said the defensive linemen welcomed the switch and their new assignments should be more fun than their previous responsibilities.

    Lett is well-versed in the 4-3 scheme, despite spending the last two seasons teaching 3-4 techniques to his linemen. He amassed 22.5 sacks in his career, playing primarily the defensive tackle position for the Cowboys.

    He said the Cowboys’ personnel is well-equipped for the switch and features multiple players who could line up at any spot along the line, including Jason Hatcher, Tyrone Crawford, Ben Bass and Sean Lissemore.

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