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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 3, 2010.

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    What about the scouts jobs? How many times will the fans have to watch another top draft pick be released?

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    CHRISTOPHER BUTSCHEK - HOUSTON, TX: Everybody is screaming for players' and coaches' heads, and for good reason - at least a dozen need to go stand in unemployment lines. But what about the scouts? How many times will the fans have to watch another top draft pick be released?

    Rob: I've always felt that overall, the scouting department does a good job of evaluating talent and putting a solid board together. They've really hit on some lower-round and undrafted guys, in particular. Jason Williams' release is another sign that a large part of the 2009 class hasn't developed like they hoped. I keep saying this, but it's time to start spending higher picks on offensive linemen as long as they feel they're getting value there. It's the best way to start restocking the position.

    Nick: It'll happen again. It happens for every team in the league and I'm sure if the top pick is a second- or third-rounder, then it'll happen several times. The Cowboys just need to hang onto the first-rounders. When they don't have one, it's usually one of their worst drafts. Funny how that works out. Still, yes the scouts should be held accountable, too. I bet they will be. The last really good draft was 2005 and after that it's been pretty average at best.

    Josh: I think some things could look different in the scouting department, which would constitute a big change for this organization. The GM isn't changing, so any shift in the makeup of the folks who form the draft board for Jerry Jones is a big deal here. I think the scouts have been pretty good for the most part, but not getting much out of that '09 group is killing this team right now.

    REUBEN MCMURRAY - PORT ARTHUR, TX: Why is it the Cowboys' blitzes never seem to get to the quarterback?

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