News: - Mailbag: Would it make more sense, to try to re-sign Marcus Spears?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Apr 19, 2011.

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    Cowboys Mailbag
    Would it make more sense, financial and otherwise, to try to re-sign Marcus Spears than to draft a DE in the first round?

    DANIEL LOGAN - VALLEJO, CA: Would it make more sense, financial and otherwise, to try to re-sign Marcus Spears than to draft a defensive end in the first round?

    Nick: I actually thought about that myself last week and we discussed it on the Lunch Break. I think that would be a better idea than drafting someone like Cameron Jordan or J.J. Watt. I feel like Spears does a fine job in the dirty-work position that a 3-4 defensive end is. That would free up another spot to draft an offensive tackle. That doesn't mean avoid the DE position in the draft, but maybe in the later rounds.

    Josh: Maybe. Depends what the Cowboys think Spears will command on the open market. Especially if there is a rookie wage scale in effect this year, there's a good chance the No. 9 pick could make less than Spears, because remember, the differential in first-round pay would be diverted to veterans. If the Cowboys could re-sign both Spears and Stephen Bowen, and maybe draft some more defensive line help later, I think they would be in fine shape. But that might be expensive...
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    If we didn't realize how valuable he was to this defense after he got hurt last year, we are stoopid.
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    I think the decision has been made. Cowboys are not re-signing Spears. From what he has said, they have had zero contract talk with him in over a year.

    Front three on defensive will probably be:

    Igor Rat Bowen
    Lissmore Brent Watt or Jordan
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    Irony! :laugh2:
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    The Cowboys have shown no indication of wanting to bring Spears back - for whatever reason(s).

    Conversely, they have shown interest in extending Sensy, Kosier, and Bowen, for example.

    As of today, I don't see Spears coming back.
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    Unless they have their eye on someone else in FA to replace him I cannot imagine why they would not make an effort to resign. Maybe he has told him the type of deal he wants and the org. is at a place where they are going to let him test the market and come back to them then. That is where I see the situation anyway. Does not mean he won't be back.
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    watch out for lissemore if he stays healthy he could have a big season
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    I don't know what they're thinking for sure but I doubt Spears is off the table. There is no where for FAs to go right now in seeking employment. Everything is on hold. But that in itself doesn't mean which way they are leaning with any of the three DEs.

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