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    CHAD GRAY - BOCA RATON, FL: Will the Cowboys work hard to sign Doug Free in the brief window before free agency begins, or are they content to wait and let the market set his price?

    Nick: I think the Cowboys have to hurry up and get this done. An offensive line needs continuity so they can't have Free staying unsigned for too long. And there's a great chance that another team with offensive tackle needs will be quick on the draw and possibly over-pay to get him. Don't forget that many teams will have to spend more than usual to fill up their cap space while the Cowboys will likely be trimming costs to get down. So they need to use that free-agency window and get something done before another team gives him a deal he can't refuse.

    Josh: If I were them, I wouldn't take the chance of letting Free hit the open market, because you never know what team out there may be suddenly flush with cap cash and needing a tackle. Honestly, they probably should've just franchised him to save themselves the worry, because he has all the leverage right now. If I were him, I'd be awfully interested in at least listening to what's out there...
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    heck yes they should have locked him up when the price was a lot cheaper. You don't let your left tackle hit the open market unless you have a replacement.

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