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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 3, 2006.

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    **Hard to tell much on running backs until the live bullets start flying, which maybe is a tasteless analogy with Keith Davis around. But this Demetris Summers, saw him make this one cut during a practice that made your eyes open wide.

    **Keep getting asked who is the Cowboys’ third receiver. Well, it’s Patrick Crayton, and you should have seen the guy’s performance the other day when Parcells yelled to him coming back to the huddle, “You’re on fire.” Seems to be running well again after last year’s mid-season ankle surgery hampered him that final month.

    **‘Bout ready to pin the nickname “Hopalong Cassidy” on Marion Barber. When the guy runs, he has this little hop he seems to take before he either gets going good or when making a cut.

    **Those who think Baltimore’s Ed Reed’s seven-year, $40 million package is much more lucrative than the five-year, $25.2 million deal Roy Williams just signed should know that Reed’s contract, because of a $6 million base in 2010, probably will have to be re-done, which means his deal really is a four-year, $20.385 million package, which averages out to the same $5 million a year Roy’s does. Man, you gotta pay a lot for safety these days.

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    **Boy, what a brush fire this Lincoln Kennedy visit started here Tuesday morning. But after all was said and filtered out, the bottom line is Kennedy, the former Raiders offensive tackle who wants to come out of retirement, basically came asking for a visit, but the Cowboys, who threw open their doors, said thanks but no thanks before they even got to giving the big guy who hasn’t played in two years a physical.

    **Kennedy II: Also, it would be wrong to assume the Cowboys talked with Kennedy because they have been petrified with the play of their offensive line so far in camp and that they were so desperate they were willing to check out a guy who hasn’t played in two years. Seems as though this might have been one of those leave-no-stone-unturned kind of deals.

    **Kind of how they landed Marc Colombo last year. And guess what, Colombo now is working with the second team at right tackle, and is starting to show some of the stuff which caused the Bears to draft him in the first round, all before he suffered the severe knee injury a couple of years ago. If he keeps this up, he might be pushing Rob Petitti for first-team status.

    **Keep an eye on Sam Hurd, the rookie free agent out of Northern Illinois. It sure appears the Cowboys are.

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    I sure cannot wait to see the Hurd kid on the field....I have read alot of positive reports
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    seems like we have a bunch of future WR's
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    Funny... "Bustini" isn't even mentioned as the possible starter.
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    I love it!! :laugh2:

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