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News: DC.com: More Than Excited, Chapas Sounds Ready

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. CCBoy

    CCBoy Benched

    24,891 Messages
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    More Than Excited, Chapas Sounds Ready
    Posted by nickeatman at 12/1/2011 5:27 PM CST on dallascowboys.com


    While Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said it appears the health status for fullback Tony Fiammetta has improved recently to the point that he could return to action, it won’t be this week in Arizona.

    And the Cowboys have also decided they won’t be using tight end John Phillips as the primary fullback either.

    That is why rookie fullback Shaun Chapas is on the 53-man roster, getting called up on Tuesday. Chapas is expected to have a role in the offense as the lead blocker for DeMarco Murray and Felix Jones, but also on special teams, too.

    “I’m looking forward to it,” Chapas said of making his NFL debut against the Cardinals. “I got the call the other day and I was pretty excited. I’m just going to keep working and go have fun on Sunday.”

    Chapa, a seventh-round pick from Georgia who has spent most of the season on the practice squad, is a true fullback, one that understands the position...
  2. Hostile

    Hostile The Duke

    119,476 Messages
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    Picture Kevin Bacon getting out of the shower to answer the phone in "Apollo 13." That is how Chapas reacted when he got the call to come up to the big flight.
  3. ThreeSportStar80

    ThreeSportStar80 Benched

    27,093 Messages
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    I think he'll do a fairly good job honestly...
  4. Carolina Cowboy

    Carolina Cowboy Well-Known Member

    791 Messages
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    That is exactly the image I had in my head before reading your post. Terrific movie. If not for Braveheart, it gets the Best Picture nod for sure.
  5. BraveHeartFan

    BraveHeartFan We got a hat. I want a ring.

    27,449 Messages
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    I hope he's ready. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can get done Sunday.
  6. Keystone_Heavy

    Keystone_Heavy Member

    275 Messages
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    Best part is, even if he goes out there and is shakey at the start of the game, we can always go back to Philips.
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

    11,728 Messages
    2,362 Likes Received
    He better be more than Sound ready.

    He can make a huge impression on this team if he can help Murray to some big gains.

    Knock some heads, and help push Murray over the 1000 yard mark for this season.
  8. 8FOR!3

    8FOR!3 Well-Known Member

    1,819 Messages
    348 Likes Received
    Honestly I think I'd do a fairly decent job against Arizona. :laugh2:Seriously though, hopefully a team like that will allow him to shine.

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