News: - Murray’s Physicality Is Even Greater Than Garrett Initially Knew

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    Head coach Jason Garrett said he was shocked the Cowboys were able to draft DeMarco Murray[​IMG] last year, and his physicality at the end of plays is an asset he didn’t realize Murray possessed at Oklahoma.

    Rather than duck and juke around contact, Murray sought out and lowered his shoulder against defenders while totaling 131 rushing yards on 20 carries against the Giants in the opener.

    At times, he had to improvise, as he did in the waning minutes of the third quarter. Murray bounced around the backfield, running into fullback Lawrence Vickers[​IMG], before finding running room down the right sideline for a 48-yard gain.

    “It’s exactly like we drew it up, right?” Garrett said. “Ran into six guys, Vickers almost tackled him for a 3-yard loss, and he spun out of it and made a great run, and again, we never tell our runners where to run. We think the runners that we have are very natural.”

    A healthy Murray is providing the Cowboys the type of runner they hoped for when they selected him in the third round last year. At the time, Garrett didn’t understand why Murray fell down the draft charts, allowing the Cowboys to scoop up the dynamic backfield threat.
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    ..........he's a live WIRE that's for darn sure. Watching him run is intoxicating: best back since Emmitt left obviously. Speaking of Emmitt, he'll sit this young man down pretty soon and tell him NOT to run to contact the way he does. Hey, I love it when he pile drives the db's from the gspots into the turf, but pretty soon they aren't db's but linebackers and you just can't keep doing that. Take it down a notch son, and have a great 5-8 yr. career. If he doesn't and keeps on slamming into defenders, it won't end well. It'll be Marion Barber part 2.
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    Yeah he needs to know when to hold it and when to fold it. He is a neck injury waiting to happen.
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    I love his toughness and running style!
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    "Vickers almost tackled him for a 3-yard loss." Lol that's great. I love Murray's running style. Reminds me of a quicker, faster Marion Barber.

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